AI Training & Testing

Train your AI algorithms with data sourced from our global community, then test the output to ensure your AI is working as planned. Perfect your AI from start to finish with Applause.

Deliver Flawless AI Experiences That Delight Your Customers

Increase loyalty by delivering content and experiences customers want and need

AI is quickly becoming a critical component of any business, helping brands realize benefits like significant cost-savings, personalized experiences leading to higher conversion rates, and improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. But training a machine to learn, act and respond like a human takes massive amounts of data inputs across countless scenarios. The Applause Community can quickly deliver any data set required to train an AI algorithm, including text, images, speech, handwriting, documents, intents and biometrics.

Customers have high expectations of AI and are disappointed when it fails to deliver on its promise. Whether it’s a voice-enabled device that doesn’t understand them, a recommendation engine that displays irrelevant suggestions, or a chatbot responding with generic answers, sub-par AI experiences can frustrate and alienate users instead of delighting and engaging them. The Applause Community tests your AI-powered user experience throughout the development process to validate that your algorithms are producing accurate, human-like and truly useful results.

Benefits of Applause AI Training and Testing

Diverse Training Data at Scale

Leverage the Applause Community to quickly source training data from users around the globe and achieve an unbiased AI experience.

Validating AI Outputs for Bias

Utilize the Applause Community to test your algorithms for bias across a wide variety of user groups and ensure your AI works for everyone everywhere.

Testing from the End-User’s Perspective

Applause provides rapid, iterative feedback from a real end-user’s perspective to ensure an AI experience customers find useful and engaging.

Unparalleled Device Coverage

The Applause Community tests on all devices where AI exists, including phones and apps, IOT and wearables, smart home and in-car systems and more.

Training and Testing AI Without Bias

Ensure your AI works for everyone, everywhere

Bias is a well-known challenge when developing AI, since an algorithm is only as smart as the data used to train it. Applause sources training data at scale from real people across a wide variety of countries, ages, genders, races, cultures, and socioeconomic levels, which results in a more broadly representative and unbiased output than if the data were sourced from a smaller, more homogeneous group. When testing your AI, the diversity of the Community also ensures you’re getting feedback across a wide variety of people quickly and at scale to ensure your AI is bias-free and working as expected.

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