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Accenture Applause Alliance

Accenture and Applause have built an alliance to expand the capabilities and geographic scope of Accenture’s testing services.

As an accompaniment to Accenture’s suite of testing services, Accenture can tap into Applause’s crowdtesting capabilities and global community of vetted professional testers. This allows Accenture clients to augment their broader testing program, able to test on real devices, any time and in any location.

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Turn To The Crowd

Testing continues to be progressively complex. Users demand flawless digital experiences and quick releases, no matter where they are or which device they use.

The challenges facing brands today requires organizations to get real user feedback from digital experiences and understand the point of view of actual customers.

Crowdsourced testing is meant to complement, not replace, in-house or outsourced testing. Accenture and Applause utilize the crowd for speed, productivity and the ever-changing skill sets that different projects require. Crowdtesting is an excellent way to incorporate a liquid workforce into QA and testing strategies, rather than turning to traditional staffing.

The Partnership Benefit

The Accenture Applause Alliance makes it easy to fulfill comprehensive testing requirements, regardless of the company or task. With access to Applause’s global and diverse community of over 250,000 professional QA testers, Accenture can select specific testers based on their client’s actual user profiles. This lets Accenture deliver more precise results and meet their clients’ varying expectations.

Accenture provides an unparalleled range of services with the Applause testing community at its disposal. Clients will benefit from Applause’s crowdtesting methodology, combined with Accenture’s 35,000 testing professionals and intensive digital capabilities.

Partners Engage in Discussion

An Innovative Approach

A seamless customer and digital experience is the key to any company’s success. Integrating crowdtesting into projects allows companies to scale their efforts, go-to-market faster and improve overall quality.

Applause helps companies like Accenture test digital properties in the wild, whether they be web, mobile, wearables or IoT products, across thousands of real devices and garner actionable results. With this feedback, organizations can tackle the intricacies of technology while speeding up their QA processes.

“Our alliance with Applause is a game-changer for our clients, who benefit from unprecedented access to a global network of testing talent, including more than 60,000 women crowdtesters, to improve application quality, accelerate software releases, and deliver an enhanced customer experience.”

Kishore Durg