About Us

At Applause, we believe in empowering companies of all sizes to deliver great digital experiences across every customer touchpoint, through in-the-wild testing, user feedback and research solutions.

What does that mean? It means that since we were founded in 2007, we have had a single goal - to improve your customers’ experience with your websites, mobile apps, applications and connected systems, on any device, in any location.

Whether you are a company of 5 employees or 5 million, Applause can help you be confident in delivering the best possible digital experience, every time.

Leading Companies Use Applause

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What We Do

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Make Sure Your Digital Experiences Work - Every Time

  • The Applause testing community is made up of 250,000+ experienced QA testers who are vetted and rated. Those testers live and work in thousands of local markets around the world.
  • The device coverage you get with Applause cannot be equaled – our customers can test on all the device / OS / carrier combinations for both iOS and Android that are relevant to their user base, and as new devices and changes in the industry emerge, our testers stay current.
  • In-house or in the wild, your code can be tested wherever your customers live, so that you get the kind of results you need to deliver a quality digital experience.

Understand The Voice Of Your Customer

  • The best way to build an experience that your customers will love is to ask them what they’re looking for - what they like, what they hate and what didn’t make sense. Our usability experts and researchers can match you with your real customers or person-on-the-street reactions to your offering.
  • Testing happens in real-world environments, utilizing more than 2.4M+ devices, from desktops to mobile phones, with every configuration imaginable.
  • Work with us at all stages of your development lifecycle - from inception through release and beyond. Applause’s years of experience with usability standards and human factors can help you assess your usability potential.
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Launch Digital Experiences Better... and Faster

  • Our testing cycles happen on your schedule, with the ability to run any time, 24/7, and with any frequency – daily, weekly or once in a while.
  • Whether you develop using a daily Agile process or a more traditional monthly or quarterly waterfall process – Applause will provide the managed services that stay in sync with your developers so QA never slows you down.
  • Get results in hours – with 250,000+ testers worldwide, it’s possible to complete a thorough test cycle the same day.
  • Test results are delivered in real time, letting you triage and prioritize the most critical bugs and resolve them – fast.

Whatever "Quality" Means To Your Customers, You Can Achieve It

  • Your users define what ‘quality’ means to them. We give you a real-world point of view so that you can release your code with confidence.
  • Work with experts in all fields of testing – functional, security, usability, accessibility – to deliver the best digital experience across the board.
  • Automate your testing to keep a regular, repeatable testing process in motion, and keep your code quality high.
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The Applause Approach

Since 2007, Applause offers unmatched in-the-wild-testing solutions to companies of all sizes, helping you improve digital quality. We work with thousands of companies – from 10 person startups to global enterprises. Our quality assurance services, user feedback and research solutions include:

Each of these offerings is available on a modular basis, meaning that you can turn to Applause for any combination of these solutions, but purchase only what you need. All of these solutions are integrated with our platform to capture and manage every bit of feedback from the community to help you make better decisions about what to fix, when to launch and what’s next.

Our Story

Applause was founded in 2007 and launched in 2008 – as uTest - by Doron Reuveni and Roy Solomon. They set out to solve a problem - no matter how much testing they did in the lab, they found that software bugs were unavoidable. Their solutions? Put software applications through their paces in the wild, in the real world where users actually work, live and play.

Click through our interactive timeline for a look at key milestones in the history of Applause: