Testing at the Speed of Life

Applause assembles custom teams of vetted professionals to test any device/OS combination in the world. Our white-glove approach enables leading brands to accelerate their software development and deliver high-quality digital experiences to their customers.

The Leader in Real-World Testing

Total integration and meaningful results in hours.

The Applause white-glove approach combines our vetted global community, SaaS platform, and service delivery team to harness the power of the crowd, minus the noise. We provide brands with a full suite of testing and feedback capabilities that fit seamlessly into your SDLC so you can test more, with better device coverage, even faster.

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Iphone X Platform Results Uber
Iphone X Platform Results Uber
Iphone X Platform Results Uber

A Best Practice for Visionaries

World-class brands know that to deliver a great customer experience you need to test from a customer’s perspective. That’s why industry leaders turn to Applause to achieve digital experience success.

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The Crowdtesting Difference is Clear

Crowdtesting is becoming an integral best practice for many leading companies as it provides the scalability and coverage needed to test in today’s SDLC. Whether you’re looking to increase testing capacity and flexibility, greatly expand device coverage without additional costs, or get a true end-user perspective, crowdtesting is a perfect fit.

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Featured Webinar :: June 19th

Testing Trends, Today and Tomorrow

To keep pace, modern software delivery organizations are integrating testing into cross-functional teams and shifting left to move their testing efforts upstream in the software development process. On June 19 at 1:00 PM ET, join Applause and Forrester to explore current trends in testing and software quality, as well as the larger impacts that agile and DevOps practices, cloud and connected technologies are having on how organizations think about their testing practices and tools.

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uTest - Our Global Testing Community

Vetted, reliable and available on demand

Our global testing community, uTest, is made up of highly vetted digital professionals offering diverse expertise. Your test team is custom assembled to match your specific requirements and target customer profiles.

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