Web Application Testing

More browsers and devices hit your web app on a daily basis, and your app has to deliver a consistent, high-quality experience across all of them..

Applause makes it easy to test your web app in the wild to ensure your web experience works for your users on the browsers and devices that matter to them.

In-the-Wild Testing

Test your web app with real users on real devices in the wild, where users live, work and play.

In-the-Wild Testing

Testing in a lab can tell you a lot of things, but it can't tell you how your app will really work on your users' desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

By moving a portion of your testing out of the lab and into the wild, you can be sure your web app doesn't get hung up when it encounters old browsers, anti-virus software, add-ons, extensions, mobile browsers or any other real world factors.

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Instant Results

Your testing results are available immediately in the 360° App Quality™ Dashboard as they're discovered.

Instant Results

Track bug reports and test case results in real time and get alerts about the most recent issues and events in the Applause 360° App Quality™ Dashboard. Applause also integrates with popular bug tracking systems to allow you to quickly and easily pass issues on to your in-house team.

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Improved Quality

With Applause, you get actionable information to improve your app's quality and ensure it's ready for the real world.

Improved Quality

Applause project managers and test team leads pre-triage your bugs to ensure your results are in-scope and help you focus on the most crucial issues first.

Applause also offers a global community of testing experts to supply a range of vital services - from writing test cases, to evaluating your app's usability, to ensuring your app is secure. We'll help you produce a high quality app that will please your users every time.

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Applause Web Customer Spotlights

Find out why companies from startups to Fortune 500s turn to Applause to improve their web app quality.

Answers.com Logo

When Answers.com wanted to launch a new product for web, mobile and Facebook, they turned to Applause to make sure it all worked.

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With 800 million page views per month, Internet Brands used Applause to make sure their web apps work perfectly for as many users as possible.


Jive Software, the world’s leading provider of enterprise collaboration solutions, produces mobile apps but found it harder to keep up with limited in-house resources.

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Getting started with Applause is more affordable than you may think. Find out how 360° App Quality™ solutions fit into your budget with our interactive pricing tools.

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"We wanted the ability to test across browsers and platforms in a way that could save us time and money. Applause enabled us to do just that."