Applause Partner Program

Applause has partnered with some of the world’s leading companies – whether it’s to expand our global footprint through the Applause Reseller Program, or to deliver enhanced app quality capabilities through our Technical Partnerships. Partnering with Applause allows you to expand your offering and win new business - putting you at the forefront of the apps economy.

Expand Your Offering

The world’s hottest brands love the concept of 360° app quality™. Now is your chance to offer our unique tools and services to any company in your region, regardless of size or industry.

Attract New Clients

Never turn down another deal due to lack of testers, devices or expertise. With our global community of testers, you’ll have the resources and skills for any project.

Start a New Business

Start an app quality company from scratch? You bet. Our partner program offers you an extremely low-risk/high-reward opportunity to start selling a proven concept to a growing industry.

Technology Partners