Our Story

The Team

Applause Analytics is an innovative tool from uTest Labs, which is the forward-looking research arm of uTest. This group is comprised of equal parts delusional visionaries and digital vagabonds, who are focused on discovering the future of app quality – from the development to testing to monitoring to measurement of apps that delight users.

The Product

Applause Analytics monitors and measures mobile app quality and user satisfaction. By analyzing more than 100 million user reviews and ratings across 2 million iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps, Applause Analytics enables companies to make informed decisions so they can win more users, earn greater loyalty and beat the competition.

By going far beyond simple download counts or star-ratings, Applause Analytics fills a huge blind spot for companies in more accurately measuring their mobile app efforts. Until now, companies simply knew how many stars an app had in the respective app stores. Now, with Applause Analytics, companies can quickly and easily see results of deep data analysis and make informed decisions about where to best direct resources so apps perform as intended and provide the best customer experience possible.

Companies can utilize Applause to look shallow and wide - to compare how their app is performing among all apps in their category (social media, gaming, retail, etc) - or long and deep - to see see how a particular app is performing across a series of deep, data-driven attributes over time and versions.

Guiding Principles

Applause Analytics believes in, and is guided by, these core tenets:

Apps are everything
Well at least for us. Our waking hours are dedicated to helping companies understand the apps economy and their users
Regardless of a company's size, track record or perceived popularity, all apps should be compared against precisely the same measuring stick
Only by articulating a problem clearly can we solve it effectively
Big math
Complex problems are only worsened by incomplete data, simplistic algorithms and technical shortcuts
Data is meaningless; only once it has been synthesized into actionable information can leaders make informed decisions
We want to connect companies with users; to bring business, brand and technical leaders together for informed discussions
Context matters
What makes a gaming app great is wildly different than a banking app; marketers care about different things than devs or CEOs
Companies first
There are plenty of toys out there to help users discover today's app du jour; we care about enabling companies to build apps that delight
Most analytics tools provide implicit data, so leaders must infer what users think. That's valuable, but when you add explicit analytics, brands can see the whole picture
Seeking simplicity
Analytics are a complex problem. But that's our problem, not yours. Applause needs to be simple to use - whether it's your first visit or your 100th time this month

That's what guides our thinking, actions and investments. Ready to let Applause help inform yours?

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