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The testing matrix for mobile devices is more complex than ever. With new devices, operating systems and form factors coming to the market every day, how do you maintain testing coverage and your sanity? How do you meet the demands of your users who expect your app to function on their device every time - no matter what device they have? Not to mention the fact that mobile is made to be exactly that - mobile. Your app not only needs to work on a range of devices, it needs work as your users are on the move, wherever they are. Shouldn’t your testing make sure your app can stand up to users who are on-the-go and using different mobile devices? Clearly, lab testing won’t cut it.

Smartphones on Mutiple Providers

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Mobile Functional Testing

Functional mobile testing thrives with the Applause in-the-wild testing services. With testers and devices around the globe, Applause is able to put your app through the real world experiences it needs to stand up against. Understand how your shopping cart works under low connectivity or how your navigation app handles a cell tower hand-off. Discover what works and what doesn’t on an Android tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich or the newest batch of iPhones.

Mobile functional testing with Applause mixes exploratory testing and test case execution to ensure you have the coverage you need, resulting in the quality your users deserve. Talk with a testing coach today to learn about effective mobile testing strategies.

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