Management Team

Doron Reuveni

CEO & Co-Founder

An avid marathon runner, Doron Reuveni claims to be the fastest CEO in the software business. And to prove it, he'll race you (and maybe give you a head-start).

Matt Johnston

Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

When his dream of becoming a batboy for the Detroit Tigers fizzled at the age of 30, Matt Johnston renounced his beliefs and turned to marketing.

Chris Malone

Chief Financial Officer

An avid fan of the sports movie genre, Chris believes that every meeting should start with a motivational quote from "Rudy."

Roy Solomon

VP of Product Management & Co-Founder

Perhaps the greatest whiteboard artist of his generation, Roy Solomon’s talent for drawing pie charts, bar graphs and stick figures may never be fully appreciated during his lifetime.

Tom Bonos

SVP of Global Sales

When he's not out fishing, crushing his Applause sales goal, or talking about how awesome Applause is, Tom is focused on harnessing the power of his five children to provide electricity to his house.

Bernard Chien

Chief Technology Officer

Per his (selective) memory, Bernard sports a 100% win rate in corporate team-building competitions. To maintain his legend however, he has recently decided to retire.

John Montgomery

Senior VP of Project Delivery

A consummate perfectionist, John Montgomery argues that instant messengers "could be more instant" and dreams of the day when Wikipedia finally becomes error-free.

Sanji Alwis

VP of Business Development

As a rabid Michigan football fan, Sanji's business development plan consists of recruiting Denard "Shoelaces" Robinson. To date, Sanji has been unsuccessful in convincing Applause to pay Shoelaces' $450,000 salary.

Peter Shih

VP of Channel Development

It's been said that community management is a lot like herding cats. Lucky for Applause, Peter Shih moonlights as a semi-professional cat herder. Semi-true story.

Jan Wolter

General Manager, Applause EU

Devoting his life to espresso, Jan is constantly trying to improve his Barista skills and find the perfect flavor by tweaking beans, pressure and grind.

Mark Holland

VP of Enterprise Solutions

Mark owns a motorcycle, has a blackbelt, crushes Octoberfest and writes stock trading systems in his free time - he's also somehow able to fabricate "more time".

Tom Gleich

VP of Sales, U.S. East

Tom can make himself well-understood in Finnish, somewhat in German, and occasionally in English.

Damian Roskill

VP of Marketing

Damian Roskill didn't dial the wrong number. You answered the wrong phone.