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If your game glitches, is buggy, doesn’t load, kicks players out, crashes or fails to save a high score, users will walk away angry, never come back and might even warn their friends not to bother.

Keeping gamers happy from every angle and in every circumstance can be overwhelming - especially when some gamers make it their job to break your game or find fringe use cases. The best games know that quality is the key to the next level.

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Games & Gaming Challenges

Developing games for mobile is entirely different than the web, which are entirely different than console games. But quality is important no matter which media platform you're developing for. Here are a few common challenges shared by all game developers:

  • Supporting multi-player features - especially when players aren’t near each other
  • Authenticity challenges - no one wants their saved game or high score ruined
  • Accurate social integration
  • Holding up to heavy concurrent load
  • Consistent performance across all hardware/software combinations your target audience might use
  • Making sure everything is perfect for launch - launch is everything when it comes to games
Multiplatform Gaming

Customer Spotlight: Tapulous

See how Tapulous makes sure the newest versions of their games are ready for the public.

How Applause Helps

Fresh Eyes

Your in-house QA team has certainly caught important bugs and issues, but they’ve been close to the game for too long and aren’t thinking like a new player. Testing in-the-wild puts your game in front of testers with fresh eyes who will approach the game like one of your fans.

Find Fringe Cases

Real testers, using real devices outside the lab will turn up issues you didn’t consider, that only affect certain device/software/version combinations or that simply cannot be discovered in a well-connected, close proximity lab.

Live Up to Expectations

Gamers are picky. If you don’t live up to their standards, or your game has an issue, they’ll be vocal about their displeasure - and might abandon your company forever. Prepare for gamers’ high standards with the tools and services necessary to achieve 360° app quality™.

Demographic Coverage

If you have a beloved console series you’re going to target a different demographic than a company producing an easy-to-play mobile game experience. With more than 100,000 professional testers, Applause creates the perfect custom team to match your target demographics and meet your specific requirements.

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What It Costs

Creating a high quality game is easier than you think. Find out how Applause 360° app quality™ solutions fit into your budget with our interactive pricing tools.

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"We needed to know more about support for concurrent users, how the engine was responding and how well the platform recorded results. This is hard to do with a small in-house team of testers. We didn’t have enough testers that can be online simultaneously, and we needed many of them to test our live."