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Security, updated information and timely communication are crucial to finance and investment applications. Any missteps can cost your customers money and put their personal information at risk.

Your app needs to stand up to real world conditions and the best way to keep your big-wig users happy is to embrace 360° app quality™.

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Finance & Investing Challenges

To have a successful financial app, it’s critical to focus on these key factors that often trip up app creators.

  • Security, security, security. Your app transfers sensitive personal data; there is zero room for error.
  • Reliable push notifications are important with financial and investment apps. Seconds are precious.
  • Focus on PII security, especially when the app is multitasking or when other apps (which may not be up-to-date) are running on the device.
  • If the app has a geolocation features, does it work in the wild from a variety of locations?
  • With apps that involve in-app calculations, pay special attention to functionality and localization.
  • Verify that connections work outside of staging environments.
  • Match the level of usability to your intended audience.
  • Understand that your app's quality has an effect on users' opinions of its trustworthiness.

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How Applause Helps

Security Experts

Applause has security experts with decades of experience testing apps for common vulnerabilities, new attacks and potential data leaks. Our experts can look at your app before launch - before they hurt your customers and your reputation - or after minor updates; whenever you have a need.

Device Coverage

You app needs to work well on a range of devices under a variety of circumstances. But testing on every device, OS, browser and version is impossible in-house. Applause puts tens of thousands of hardware/software combinations at your fingertips to ensure all your users have a consistent, delightful experience.

Live Environment Testing

Applause enables you to test your application using live connections, real credit cards, actual monetary transactions and personal information. This will help you verify that your app will work in the real world, not just in staging and testing environments.

Metrics That Matter

Monitor metrics and data from your real users to see if your app is delighting them in every way or if a feature, quality or attribute is leaving them disappointed. Applause Analytics crawls ratings and reviews from the top app stores to give you the metrics that matter - usable feedback from your real users.

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What It Costs

App quality management is more affordable than you may think. Find out how Applause and 360° app quality™ fits into your budget with our interactive pricing tools.

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"Every bank connection is different, so it was critical that we could test with live data. This is why our use of Applause was so amazing and unique, because the testers had to use their own credit cards to test the system."