Functional Testing

Your websites, mobile apps and connected devices need to work every time, everywhere and for everyone. With alternatives just a few swipes, touches or clicks away, you need to be confident your digital properties work just as well in the hands of your users as they do in your lab.

With our in-the-wild testing approach, Applause is uniquely positioned to help you test anywhere, anytime, on any device, to launch faster, improve quality and deliver innovation - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What We Offer

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing

Applause’s in-depth exploratory testing helps to locate issues before they are released in the real world, leveraging independent, human testers who are purposefully looking for defects and issues from unexpected usage patterns or conditions. Applause testers are sourced on-demand from our community of 250,000+ QA professionals. Testers are vetted and rated based on industry experience, certifications and customer feedback from actual test program performance.

Test Case Execution

Whether you have a simple test case, a suite of test cases or none at all, Applause’s expert testers and test case writers can help you maximize your coverage by creating and executing test cases on any device, in any location. Applause testers have an average of seven years of QA experience, so Test Team Leads and subject matter experts within the community are highly qualified to work with customers and define repeatable test cases.

Test Case Execution
Users with variety of devices

Maximum Device Coverage

There are over 2.4 million real devices in the Applause testing community. Testers bring their own Android, iOS, Windows and other devices to test cycles, so no matter what combinations of device, form factor, OS, carrier or location you are concerned about – Applause has you covered.

Localization Validation

Ensure your website, mobile app or connected device is intuitive, understandable and relevant for the people who will actually use it, anywhere in the world. With Applause, you can test with native speakers, helping you understand if the phrases, symbols, language and formatting is correct and will make sense to your customers, wherever they are.

User Converts Currency With Phone

How It Works

Our functional testing solutions fit easily and comfortably within your existing workflows. Upload or direct us to your website or app, tell us the type of testing you’re looking for, then set your testing scope. Unlike other testing solutions, there aren’t long lead times to get started – you’ll be on your way to results in just a few short clicks.


Test Automation

Including test automation for mobile and web applications is part of a comprehensive quality testing strategy. Find out how Applause can help you build and launch your test automation strategy.

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What You Get


Fully Managed Service

Every customer is assigned a project manager to help you throughout your engagement with Applause. Your project manager will provide support and guidance, aligning testing to your priorities to maximize the value you receive. Functional testing with Applause includes tester management, scope creation and pre-triaging of issues.

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Real-Time Issue Reporting

When timing means revenue, getting the information you need to make important fixes and decisions is vital. With the Applause Platform, you can monitor issues as they are reported in real time, assessing their severity and potential risk to your business.

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Seamless Workflow

Functional testing services from Applause fit easily within your existing development lifecycle, including two-way integration with JIRA and other bug tracking systems for easily tracking and managing issues. Unlike other solutions, there aren’t long lead times to get started – we can be up and running within 72 hours, delivering real-world insights in real time.

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An Extension of Your Team

Our global community of more than 250,000 professional testers is just the beginning. You will be matched with an Applause project manager to provide support and guidance throughout the process and the ability to talk with your unique testing team in real time.

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Find Out What It Costs

Getting started with Applause is easier and more affordable than you might expect. Check out how Applause’s in-the-wild testing services can extend your team, fit into your budget, and save you time and money.

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“In the early stages, we concentrated our manual QA on the new stuff in the next release. Timeline pressures impacted regression coverage, so we had to make decisions about what areas to test. Working with Applause, we stopped making those tradeoff decisions. We cover everything with Applause.”

- Oren Geva,
Director of R&D Operations, WatchDox by Blackberry

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