Desktop Application Testing

Just because mobile apps are taking off doesn't mean you can ignore the quality of desktop apps. Billions of users interact with desktop apps everyday, and they expect those apps to be high quality from the start. With so many operating systems, platforms, languages and environments to validate, desktop app developers face a range of challenges. Applause is here to help you rise to the app quality challenge.

Real Computers

Your app needs to perform outside the firewall of your test lab and in the world of outdated software and third-party programs. Work with real testers on real computers, around the world, with a variety of hardware configurations to ensure your app is up to the task.

Diverse Platforms

Does your app work as well on Mac OS X or Windows 8 as it does in Windows XP? With access to computers of all shapes, sizes and operating systems, Applause inspires the confidence that your app always works the way you intended it to.

Live Testers

With the maturity of desktop apps, automation can be appealing. But the best strategies merge automated and manual testing. Bringing live testers and creative problem solvers into the mix helps you find more complex issues.

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Ensure your apps work in the real world, every where, every time.

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Find out why companies from startups to Fortune 500s turn to Applause to improve their desktop app quality.

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When you produce desktop products meant to optimize people’s computers, you need to be sure everything is understandable. uTest helped ReviverSoft verify its localization efforts.

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Getting started with Applause is more affordable than you may think. Find out how Applause testing services fits into your budget with our interactive pricing tools.

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"The sheer variation of testing you can accomplish through uTest is amazing. There’s no better way to achieve this type of broad testing coverage – traditional outsourcing wouldn’t have even come close."